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Making e-bikes more accessible and affordable

In Corvallis and the nearby Benton County towns of Philomath, Monroe and Alsea, new economic development investments from Pacific Power’s electric mobility program are bringing more clean, affordable transportation options to low-income individuals in the community.

Inspiration for the Empowerment Benton County Program came directly from the needs of the residents of the community.

“Transportation, housing, personal health and the environment go hand in hand,” says Kathryn Duvall of the Corvallis Benton County Economic Development Office. “This program helps support our community’s goal of being a clean and healthy, accessible and affordable place to live.”

The grant provides an instant rebate of up to $1200 for an e-bike to help with the upfront costs of the bike. Electric bikes are like regular bikes except they have a battery-powered pedal assist that gives riders an extra boost.

“For people who can’t drive or get a driver’s license, the e-bikes are a great way to get around faster, easier and go a little bit farther,” she says.

Duvall hopes the e-bike program can grow in the future, while also increasing demand for expanding bike-friendly infrastructure and bike parking to surrounding communities.

“Just getting people out [and] on e-bikes will increase exposure and demand for more,” says Duvall.

Would biking from Philomath to Corvallis be something that might catch on?

“We think it could.”


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