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Inspiring tomorrow’s energy-saving superstars!

Caitlynn Carter-McKenna is here to show your family that saving energy and promoting sustainability can be a blast! Watch with your kids as Caitlynn identifies small energy-wasting issues around your house and then offers easy in-home solutions while having also having fun!

Unboxing! Experiments! Ninjas! Cow?! You’ll see. Take the journey and discover how every little action adds up to the big picture of a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

Don’t be a Dishwasher Water Waster
Be a greener cleaner-upper! Forget about the heat-dry setting and make sure to only run full loads to make your dishwashing efficient and eco-friendly.

Lightbulb Bonanza
Say goodbye to energy-wasting incandescent bulbs! LEDs are lighting the way toward a more energy-efficient future.

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