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A future we can all believe in

Wyoming is a place unlike any other, with unparalleled natural beauty, abundant resources, and plenty of room to roam. It’s also a place where we can create opportunity while being part of a tight-knit, supportive community. That’s what first drew me here, and it’s why I’ve proudly called Wyoming home for almost 15 years.

Facing change head-on
It’s no secret that we’re seeing historic shifts in the market for coal, driven by lower prices for alternative fuels and renewable options, as well as changing customer preferences and demands. As a result, our state is at an inflection point. If we successfully navigate these challenges, we can ensure that Wyoming remains the nation’s leading energy producer while laying the foundation for new opportunity.

This begins with an honest assessment of where we are and a commitment to working together as we chart a new path. As the leader of Rocky Mountain Power’s Wyoming-based team, I can tell you we are doing just that. We’re working with community and business leaders across the state to identify economic opportunities that benefit the communities and customers we serve.

Creating new possibility
There is incredible potential here in Wyoming. That’s why Rocky Mountain Power is bringing forward a $6 billion plan to upgrade our state’s energy infrastructure, including expanded wind generation and new transmission lines to deliver Wyoming’s power where it’s needed.These projects are bringing significant income to our state, creating up to 3,000 new construction jobs and generating ongoing tax revenue. Together with the people, businesses and communities of Wyoming, these projects will help make our state more competitive and attractive to a variety of industries. These investments will also make it easier for existing Wyoming businesses to grow and for new ones to put down roots.

At Rocky Mountain Power, we’re committed to working with you toward a shared vision for the future of this great state, and I know we will accomplish great things together. This is a time of profound change and incredible opportunity. As someone who is proud to call Wyoming home, I know that we will all rise to these challenges. Because here in Wyoming, that’s what we do best.

Sharon Fain

Vice President, Wyoming

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