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Partners in Possibility

Long-time Wyoming residents are all too familiar with cycles of boom and bust, but our current economic moment is uniquely challenging. Shifting market demands are prompting our state to think beyond coal and diversify our energy economy— and that’s having a big impact. More importantly, it’s affecting many individuals, whose hard work has long powered the state’s economy, along with their families and communities.

During this challenging time, there’s also an opportunity to reimagine what’s possible. We’re partnering with Wyoming communities to help lay the foundation for lasting progress that’s built on investments in local infrastructure and diversified, resilient economies.

You can see it in towns like Pinedale, Wyoming, where the mayor is leading an effort to install new street lighting that will both reduce light pollution and provide high-speed internet connectivity for the town — preserving the dark night sky while enabling residents to work remotely and build careers that support the local economy.

You can see it in the way the communities of Evanston, Bridger Valley, Kemmerer, Star Valley, Afton and Sweetwater County are coming together to form the Southwest Offroads Trail project. They are working with other federal, state and local stakeholders to unite existing county roads and trails, creating a recreation destination for residents and visitors to the area.

And you can see it in the long-range vision behind the transformation of the long-shuttered Dave Johnston Coal Mine into three windfarms— Glenrock, Rolling Hills and Glenrock III. Together, they now account for 158 turbines and produce 237 megawatts of power, and they’re once again contributing to the economic health and vitality of the region.

Lasting economic development like this starts at the community level, and it’s built on strong local partnerships. At Rocky Mountain Power, we’re committed to being a part of that solution. We’re working in large and small ways to support these and other economic diversification efforts, and we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to help.

Together, we can turn this challenging time into the beginning of a new era of progress for Wyoming.

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