Powering a passion for STEM

A Lasting Impact

“I don’t just want to save an individual life. I want to save an entire society and make an impact that will last for generations.”

That’s how Bhakti, a first-generation college student at the University of Utah, describes the value of her education. Bhakti was born in a refugee camp, where she and her family endured incredible hardship. For much of her life, she thought that advanced education was out of reach, and now that she’s secured scholarships to help her pursue her goal, she’s committed to helping others follow in her footsteps.

For first-generation college students like Bhakti, we’re pleased to make grants through the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation to fund programs and scholarships that turn passion into a possible engineering career. We believe in the power of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to create a lifetime of opportunity, and by helping first-generation college students pursue their education, we’re making an investment that will strengthen the whole community.

Education is like that – it’s an investment that never stops delivering returns.

Of course, a love of learning doesn’t start with a college scholarship. It starts early, as children explore the world around them. With the right support, that curiosity never stops growing. That’s what’s so special about community programs like JA City, a Junior Achievement initiative that invites kids to explore careers through play, and KUED’s KIDS 24/7, a partnership with PBS Kids that fosters literacy, science and math through kid-friendly shows.

And then there’s the Natural History Museum of Utah, which offers summer programming designed to help kids take their love of science to a new level, with sleepaway camps like Adventures in the Natural World. For Alia, that means a chance at getting hands-on experience with wildlife biology and discovering the joy of horseback riding. Shelby’s biggest memory from her time at camp was experimenting with dry ice, and Keaton couldn’t wait to show his parents what he’d learned about quicksand.

By helping kids explore science outside of a classroom, our partner organizations are sparking interests that will grow for years to come.

Through grants and scholarships, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation is proud to support these and other programs that help kids first get excited about STEM and then build that excitement into deeper learning.

Our partners are sparking interests that will grow for years to come – laying the groundwork for the next generation of scientists and engineers. As an energy company that’s dedicated to advancing the next hundred years of innovation, those highly educated professionals aren’t just a nice-to-have. They’re our future employees, the people who will help us find new ways to deliver the cleanest, most affordable and reliable energy possible.

The way we see it, that’s how investments in STEM work. Well-educated young people go on to create good, satisfying careers. And employers can find the skilled professionals they need to do great things.

That’s a future we can all believe in.

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