Here For

Our Customers

Our customers are our community. They’re our neighbors, friends and family. So, when they need a helping hand, we’re here: Ready to listen. Eager to help.

Here to Help

Inspiring tomorrow’s energy-saving superstars!

Caitlynn Carter-McKenna shows our next generation of energy-saving superstars how to create a clean energy future through conservation, while also having a blast!

Powering Your Summer Adventure

Experience the beauty of the West at our public recreation facilities where you can swim, fish, boat or simply relax and enjoy the view.

Keeping Small Business Booming

When local economies want to grow big, they start by investing in their small, hometown businesses.

The Power to Make Positive Change

Communities across Utah, Idaho and Wyoming are adopting sustainable energy with the help of Rocky Mountain Power programs. These communities are leading collaborative efforts to create a healthier future.

Power of Us

There’s strength in numbers, and together we can create a better tomorrow. That’s the Power of Us.

Powering a Better Future

From the wind to our waterways, our land’s not only the source of clean, renewable energy, it’s also paramount to sustaining our healthy communities. We’re committed to protecting the land we all call home.

How to get to 100%

Park City, Utah is on its way to be completely carbon free. By embracing technology and working in partnership, Park City is a small town with a big dream and we’re happy to play a part in helping them achieve their vision.

Powering a Passion for STEM

We support education programs that spark a love of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The way we see it, an investment in STEM makes our community stronger – now and for generations to come.

The Road Ahead for Clean Transportation

Utah’s landscape makes it special – but it can also trap pollution. Luckily, there’s something else that makes Utah special: a community that works for a common goal.

Powering Your Tomorrow

Clean, reliable, affordable energy. That’s the promise of wind: and it’s why we’re dramatically expanding our wind-power capacity.