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Here for our customers

Finding inspiration, one call at a time

Our customers are our community. They’re our neighbors, friends and family. So, when they need a helping hand, whether it’s to solve a technical challenge or get through a difficult time, we’re here: Ready to listen. Eager to help.

“I’m a single mom of four, and I get it – life gets really complicated sometimes. So, when people call in with a problem, I’m going to do what I can to help them.” That’s how Michelle Evans describes the inspiration she brings to her work as one of our Customer Service Professionals.

That help can take many forms. There are business owners who need to understand their options before they purchase heavy machinery, young couples turning the power on in their first home, and families who are struggling financially and need some time and resources as they get back on their feet. The moments are all different, but for each one, a knowledgeable, supportive voice on the phone can make a huge difference.

Which is exactly why so many talented, compassionate people choose to build their careers in our Customer Support group, with offices in Portland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah.


India Jenkins puts it this way: “You know, you can go into just about any career and just be there. But this place speaks to my heart. It’s a match for who I am and what I believe.” The way India sees it, everyone has times in their life when things don’t turn out the way they’d hoped, and when that happens, it really helps to have someone take the time to listen and offer support.

“Some people call after they’ve lost someone, and things have suddenly gotten really hard. So, we start by showing that we see them as people. I’m always grateful when I get those calls because it helps me remember that no one is exempt from the challenges of life,” India says.

Learning and growing with our customers

When people call our Customer Support line, they get more than just a compassionate ear. They get someone who both understands all of the available options and is empowered to take action to resolve the problem.

“We really aim to meet the needs of our customers,” India adds. With an extensive training program and ongoing education and mentorship, our Customer Support Professionals are skilled at getting to the heart of a problem and finding the best steps forward – whether it’s by giving customers the tools they need to take control over their power usage, connecting them to financial hardship programs or helping them reduce their environmental impact through our Blue Sky program.

Because we know that our customers have big plans for themselves, and we’re here to power them on their way.

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