Powering your Earth day - Powering Greatness

Our planet, Our community, Our home

It’s all connected. Whether it’s harnessing the power of the sun and the wind and ensuring its safe and reliable delivery to homes across the West, partnering with local communities on implementing sustainability initiatives, or providing the tools and programs for customers to take control of their own energy use; one good thing helps make the other better.

That’s why, from your home to the world at large, Rocky Mountain Power is committed to powering the people and communities of the West while delivering the energy future we all want.


Sustaining our planet. Transforming our lives.

There is power in these lands. Power that’s fueled progress, formed communities and provided a sustainable life for its people.

Sun, wind, rain and soil-the planet is a seemingly ceaseless source of life and energy.
But driven by the desire to do the right thing by Earth and its people, we are working to care for theselands that have sustained us for so long. To walk a little softer, to lessen our footprint.

In celebration of Earth Day, Rocky Mountain Power continues to invest in renewable energy sources while also adding to a robust transmission and grid infrastructure to deliver safe, reliable power to communities across the West.

Together we build better communities

From grants that expand our EV charging infrastructure and programs that help install solar panels on schools, to our support of nonprofits like Ark Regional Services that help provide valuable skills training for people with disabilities, Rocky Mountain Power is not just committed to sustainability, but to thriving, sustainable communities.

Power your job well done

Your home is where energy takes on new life with a never-ending list of to-dos to be done. Whether it’s planning major renovations or helping your daughter with her homework, you never stop, so neither do we.

That’s why Rocky Mountain Power is here to help with rebates on energy-efficient upgrades, budget management tools, insights and energy-saving ideas.