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The power of community

The stories are everywhere. Just as things started to close in response to COVID-19, communities large and small responded by opening their hearts. Neighbors and local organizations jumped into action, looking out for each other with offers of help.

The incredible work we’re seeing now confirms something that we here at Rocky Mountain Power have known all along: the greatness in our communities lies in their generosity, their resilience and their willingness to meet the biggest challenges head on. That’s why, through our Rocky Mountain Power Foundation, we’ve donated $311,500 to community-based, nonprofit organizations throughout Idaho, Utah and Wyoming to help further their positive impact.

Here are a few of the stories of community groups we’re proud to support.

An independent spirit runs deep in Wyoming

Wyoming Food for Thought’s mission has always been to end hunger in the most Wyoming way possible: by helping the community help itself. So when COVID-19 struck and food scarcity grew, they sprang to action, with volunteers from all over starting to plant seeds and tend “Food Is Free” community gardens, open to anyone in the community who wants to harvest fresh produce. They’ve also been offering up educational gardening programs, as well as low-cost individual garden beds for people to rent. It’s a simple solution that isn’t just helping people grow their own fruits and vegetables—it’s helping grow their skills and independence for the long term.

Nourishing community in South Salt Lake

School closures affected more than just classroom lessons; they also disrupted a valuable source of nourishment. The fact that the majority of students in the Granite School District are food-insecure, coupled with the temporary closures of their food pantries, created a need that was urgent—and growing. The Granite Education Foundation utilized its Donation & Distribution Center to initiate contactless meal delivery to students and families in need. Since mid-March they’ve provided 231,975 meals, nurturing a sense of hope within the community.

These are historic and challenging times, but they’re also times that remind us of the power of connection and the incredible strength of our communities. If you are in a position to lend a helping hand, we invite you to join us in supporting those who are helping others.

Utah Food Bank

Wyoming Hunger Initiative

Idaho Foodbank

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